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Hi! I'm Ana, a Barcelona-based psychologist that loves witnessing people's uniqueness through psychoanalysis. 


I've always been a curious and sensitive person, and this mixture of traits eventually led me to choose this wonderful career.

Psychoanalysis is the compass that leads my work as a psychologist, as I've realized (both as a client and a psychoanalyst) that it allows us to get in-depth knowledge of our personality, our fantasies, our repressed memories and our personal history.


A big part of these things are stored in the unconscious mind, that is, a part of our mind which content affects our emotions and actions.

As a psychoanalyst, my role is to provide you a judgement-free space where I can help you identify unconscious patterns that affect you life.


If you want to know more about psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, click here: What is psychoanalysis?

I offer therapy in English, Spanish and Portuguese in my office in Barcelona and online.

Here's some info on my education background:

  • Bachelor in Clinical Psychology  |  Universidad de las Américas, Mexico City (Dual degree program: Bachelor in Arts of Psychology)

  • Graduate Studies in Health Psychology | Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein |  São Paulo, Brazil

  • Psychoanalytic Training | Sociedad Paulista de Psicoanálisis | São Paulo, Brazil

  • Cognitive Science and Language Master's Degree |  Universidad de Barcelona  |  Barcelona, Spain